RACOR 2010SM-OR 2 Micron

Parker Replacement Cartridge Filter Element for Turbine Series Filters – Racor | #2010SM-OR , 2 Micron.
Key Features:
  • Part Number: 2010SM-OR 2 Micron
  • Country: USA
  • Brand: Racor
  • Micron Rating: 2 Micron

SKU 2010SM-OR 2 Mic
Country USA
Part Number 2010SM-OR 2 Micron


These are genuine Parker Racor filters with the Aquabloc water repelling treatment, ensuring that your Parker Racor filter operates to maximum efficiency. Besides removing asphaltenes, water, gums, and varnishes, Aquabloc® filters out tiny particles of dirt and algae from diesel fuel. Aquabloc® filters have polymer end-caps that will not corrode, ever.

With an Aquabloc® replacement filter, you get a complete kit with all the seals you need. And not just any seals, but specially-formulated, Racor-engineered seals. Always carry extra Racor fuel filters as one tankful of dirty fuel can quickly clog a filter.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Style:Tan potted endcaps
  • Micron Rating:98% @ 4 Micron
  • Height:2.7″ (6.9 cm)
  • Compatible Series:Filter Housing: 500
  • Product Series: Cartridge FF/WS, Turbine
  • Brand: Racor
  • Includes:RK11350 T-handle O-ring & Lid Gasket
  • For Fluid Type: Diesel Fuel / B20
  • Application: Diesel Engines
  • Media: Aquabloc “2 micron”
  • Diameter:3.1 inch, 7.9 cm
  • Weight:2.8 oz , 0.08 kg
  • Package Type: Plastic wrapped with seals


Part Number

2010SM-OR 2 Micron




Micron Rating